Namoura (Lebanese Semolina Dessert Recipe)

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    BM# 76: Week 4/ Day 3
    Theme: Bookmarked Recipes
    Dish: Namoura

    For the final day of this month’s blogging marathon, I have a delicious dessert called Namoura from Lebanon. I made it couple of weeks back when we had our going away barbecue party. I had saved it for my drafts but I am posting it today to celebrate Ramadan/ Eid.As part of my pantry cleaning, I found 2 packets of Semolina flour. I used one of the bags to make this Semolina bread and the second one was used to make Namoura. This dessert is very similar to Egyptian Basbousa, the only difference I found between the two is the addition of coconut in basbousa.

    Namoura is a very easy, no fuss to make dessert. An egg free semolina cake is baked and while still hot it is doused with cool rose water (or vanilla) flavored sugar syrup. The resulting dessert is rich, dense and absolutely delicious. I was initially skeptical about the quantity of sugar in the recipe and if the syrup would make the dessert too wet and sticky, but in the end it all worked out perfectly.Namoura turned out just awesome — moist with just the right amount of sweetness, flavorful and very yummy!! It was quite a hit at our backyard barbecue party and even my tough critiques — my mom and my husband — loved it.I am taking a break from BM for a few months owing to my move. Hopefully I will stop by to say hello from time to time. Wish me luck with the move.

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