Baby Corn Pepper Rice (Vegan Recipe)

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    BM# 76: Week 4/ Day 1
    Theme: Bookmarked Recipes
    Dish: Baby Corn Pepper Rice

    We are starting the final week of BM today and my theme for the next 3 days is ‘Bookmarked Recipes’. First up is a quick and easy to make Baby corn Pepper Rice. It is perfect to make for lunchboxes or as a quick weeknight meal.Vegan Babycorn & Pepper RiceI am in the process of clearing the shelves for the big move and I have quite a few ingredients in the pantry and the fridge that need to be used up soon. So I thought why not look through my bookmarks for the recipes to try with them — 2 birds in 1 shot 🙂Vegan Babycorn & Pepper RiceCanned baby corn in the pantry inspired me to try this recipe from Tarla Dalal’s site. Original recipe only had baby corn and green pepper, I added some soy chunks (another one of those pantry items that needed to be used up) to make the dish more wholesome and filling.Vegan Babycorn & Pepper RiceWhat I found interesting about this dish is the use of tomato ketchup along with tomato puree. Initially I was skeptical how that would taste but it sure gives the dish a nice flavor and tanginess. This is a mildly spiced dish with just a little bit of chili powder and pepper for spiciness — makes it great for kids too. Also if different colored peppers are used, then it makes it look even more colorful and appealing.


    Lets check out what my fellow marathoners have cooked today for BM# 77.



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